Курс - Импровизация


0 занятия Продвинутый Программа, пройдя которую через 3 месяца вы встроите в себя новые навыки для свободной игры и импровизации на инструменте.

Pygmy: The base


Technique 11 занятия Newbie In this course we will get acquainted with the sound of the hangpan standing "pigmy", as well as the basic techniques and techniques of sound production.

Обучение ХИТ


Hits 0 занятия п Всего за 3 месяца вы научитесь играть на ханге и удивлять своих друзей игрой популярных узнаваемых треков. Нравится? Стоимость: 45.000р - с арендой ханга на 3 месяца 30.000р - без аренды хангах

Pirates of the Caribbean


New 5 занятия Newbie The title theme from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean"

The storms of Koh Phangan


4 занятия Newbie Let's study an amazing melody that will take us to a distant tropical island

Musical thinking. Part 1


8 занятия Master The course is devoted to the duration of notes and the development of percussion-melodic thinking. It will allow you to develop a sense of tact and an inner sense of musical size, teach you how to compose melodic moves.

Analysis of the composition"Pure Intention"


5 занятия Master We are studying a beautiful composition in the key of Celtic minor

The Hunger Games


7 занятия п In this course, we will learn the melody from the famous movie "The Hunger Games"

Magic of Kurd for advanced


5 занятия Master We develop the technique of playing the hang of the musical scale "Kurd". Especially for those, who want to get to know this wonderful tool better

Magic of Curd for Beginners


5 занятия Newbie In this short course, we will get acquainted with the sound scale of "Kurd" and learn a few basic techniques of the play.

Green sleeves


3 занятия Супер новичок We study the old English melody "Green Sleeves"

Fort Boyard


5 занятия Master We study the famous composition from the TV game "Fort Boyard"

game of thrones


5 занятия Master We analyze the title theme from the series "Game of Thrones"

The basics of shaker playing


9 занятия Newbie What are shakers? What are they like? Why they are needed and how to play them. All this is in our mini-course for the most curious

Arpeggios for beginners


Basic 4 занятия Newbie the course will help you improve your skills and learn more about one of the most useful hang techniques