Who are we

A community of psychologists, explorers, musicians and scientists united by one great goal - to create musical instruments and education system, which will help all of us to understand how deep this beautiful rabit-hole is.


people in community

7 years

professional researching


students become graduates

Our mission

We want to make this world more balanced and harmonious by awakening source of endless development and creativity.

Our team

There are several dozen incredible people and more than one thousand students in the Animara community:

Александр Трунов

Партнёрство, система обучения, открытие школ, развитие вРФ, инструменты

Сергей Ардасенов

Cтратегическое развитие, исследования, открытие школ, развитие франшизы

Here is

We are planning to unite (combine) all af our knowledges, make a holistic system and introduce it here on platform:

Animara Music

Animara Music


Animara Bridge

Animara Bridge


What is next?

Our main goal is to create a network of spaces where everyone has a possiblity to become more harmonious and tuneful person, where it will be really comfortable to develop. Everyone will definitely feel himself like home. It is a space where you will feel a resonating ideas and thoughts of each other .

Do you like our way?
Tribe will accept you!

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