how to create music and develop the brain at the same time? and how does science look at it?

first we will explain briefly and in simple words, and then - longer and in popular science language.
So, we open a secret: not just listening, but playing and composing music, especially improvisation - all this works as a powerful stimulant and catalyst for development.
why? because the brain is not only about thoughts. he doesn't live in a jar of saline in his head. the brain is the entire nervous system and organs of perception of the world. your vision, tactile sensations, balance, smells.

To train the brain, you need practice, which first includes the perception of the whole body, then imagination and modeling of reality, and then produces the result of a physical action. just like that: perception - modeling - physical implementation - feedback. and it is desirable that all this happens simultaneously and in a single cycle.
what happens when you practice musical improvisation?

right! you are composing in the present moment. spontaneously and as quickly as possible.
all channels of perception are working. the body moves, the nerves sense touch, the hearing - sounds, the inner ear - a change in the balance of the body from swaying to the beat of the music, the eyes follow the trajectory of hand movement.

at the same time, a model of what you have already played, what you are playing now and what is yet to be played in the next few moments unfolds in your imagination. then on the basis of this you act with the physical body again. this is how the state of presence comes - when you become an executable action, when you are a process developing in the moment. this is called dynamic meditation.

the best to check it out is to go and try it now! with intuitive musical instruments, the first result can be obtained in a few hours of study, even if you have no experience and no musical education.
and now - a look at this issue from the point of view of science.

Effective brain function depends on the speed and quality of the interaction of the entire nervous system. Playing musical instruments develops the coherent function of the brain - interhemispheric interaction.

Dynamic meditation, a special case of which is musical improvisation, in turn, affects the brain up to changes in the activity and composition of neurotransmitters - hormones responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses.

Thus, long-term intensive musical practice has a positive effect not only on the interhemispheric organization of auditory and motor functions, but also on the process of redistribution of mental functions between the left and right hemispheres of the brain (lateralization).

Children who have been studying music for about three years outperform their peers in four indicators at once: listening comprehension, motor skills, vocabulary and logical thinking. And playing an instrument in old age is associated with a significant decrease in the likelihood of dementia and cognitive impairment.
Playing musical instruments affects the structure of the brain, improves memory, spatial reasoning and speech skills. For example, the corpus callosum - a plexus of nerve fibers connecting the two hemispheres of the brain - is much larger in musicians. Areas of the brain associated with movement, hearing, and visual-spatial ability are more developed in professional keyboardists. And the area dedicated to the processing of sensory signals from the left hand is increased in violinists. And all these are not empty words, but scientifically proven facts! you can familiarize yourself with these studies here and here.

The same goes for creativity. Researchers at Leiden University in the Netherlands, studying purposeful meditation and clear-mind meditation, found that subjects practicing the focused meditation style did not show significant changes in the areas of the brain that regulate creative thinking. Those who chose clear mind meditation for themselves far outstripped the rest of the participants in subsequent testing.

now that we have revealed the secret of self-development to you - go for it!
instrument delivery anywhere in the world and online training is not a problem!

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