We invite you to plunge into the amazing atmosphere of the international handpan music festival "AnimaraFest", which took place in St. Petersburg in May 2019. Although enough time has passed, the feeling of a miracle and a chance given to everyone still does not let go of the entire team of organizers and spectators.

As many as 6 hours of immersion in this incredible, truly different world: lectures, performances by headliners from England, Germany, Russia and Japan - this is really hard to forget.
Several festival participants met for joint improvisation on one of the St. Petersburg rooftops, where they first saw each other. But everything looks like a perfectly rehearsed composition! We bet you wouldn't have guessed if we hadn't told you.
many could have noticed that on the roll-ups of the festival there was a ryaba chicken and the symbols of the нмжк - the plant, which, according to the director of our instrument production, makes "the most delicious mayo".
but where is the connection between music and a children's tale about a chicken?
In fact, everything is very simple: it is an incredible coincidence. it is thanks to the support of the nmzhk that our festival has gained such a scale and scope. It turned out that the plant is headed by our like-minded people - people who not only produce a high-quality product, but also broadcast the idea of the cultural code of the Russian fairy tale about the Ryaba chicken as a symbol of a miracle and a chance given to everyone.

Remember: absolutely everyone has a chance for a miracle. Moving on. Only forward!

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