many people know, that hang is a tool not only for musical improvisation, but also for dynamic meditation. even if you are far from spiritual practices, with the advent of hang, your life will noticeably change.
first of all, by improvising, you immerse yourself in dynamic meditation, fully concentrating on the moment here and now. Hang is also used in sound healing practices: playing hang can help avoid burnout and will reboot you if you are often overworked and stressed.
to effectively harmonize your inner state, it is important to find an instrument that resonates with you at the same frequency and with which you feel as one.
There are several tools that are most popular among our students. for example, Hang in the key of B minor, the Celtic minor scale - this scale is considered universal and will suit even a beginner. Also popular is the instrument in the key of C minor, the pygmy tuning: this tuning has a unique immersive sound, for which it is appreciated by fans of meditation and sound healing practices.
have you already found your instrument?
if not, we invite you to get acquainted with our collection!

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