"What if I have no sense of hearing?" - you ask. We hasten to dispel your concerns: the sense of hearing can be developed!

Of course, there are those who are born with a talent for music and easily hit the right note right away. But even if you do not know musical notation, you are already a musician. After all, each of us is, in some sense, a musical instrument. We are talking. Our speech is music!

To develop the sense of hearing, there is a very simple vocal exercise that even those who have never attended a music school can handle - it is enough to train for a couple of weeks for several minutes a day. To practice the exercise, you can play the desired note on the instrument or turn on a tone on the phone.
What is the essence of the exercise?

Take any note, such as C sharp. But what is behind this strange, incomprehensible name - "C sharp"? Behind it is sound, vibration, a certain number of vibrations per second.

To feel it, you need to hum the selected note so that your voice resonates with it. Take a deep breath and try to hum this note. Feel how your voice and the sound of the instrument or from the speaker mutually reinforce each other? Now sing the note, making the sounds of the basic vowels - "o", "e", "y", "a". Don't be afraid to make a mistake, don't be afraid to make a mistake. Feel the note as vibration.
Now that a note is not just a name for you, but a specific sensation, the path of developing the sense of hearing is open before you. By practicing playing different notes and singing them, you will not only develop a sense of hearing, but also get an excellent foundation - for example, in order to master playing the wind instruments and the technique of resonant singing.

Go for it, you will definitely succeed!

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