Is it necessary to have a musical education and know the sheet music to learn how to play the hang? Not!

In this video, we will analyze the basic principles, following which you will successfully learn to play the hang without even knowing music theory.
The first principle is to find the main lines.
To make it easier to navigate the notes, we will divide the hang into conditional horizontal and vertical lines. The middle horizontal and vertical lines pass through the ding and, as it were, divide our round instrument into 4 equal shares. Small vertical lines run parallel to the middle vertical and are located to the right and left of it.

Choose a simple rhythm and play horizontal and vertical lines to get your hands used to moving differently. As you practice, remember the importance of contrast between the first hit of a note and the rest.

Happened? Fine! Now try to complicate the rhythm pattern to make the improvisation even more interesting.
The second principle is to find harmony.

To diversify our improvisation, we will find a harmonious combination of notes and their tones. For example, on the Celtic minor key the combination "right-right-left-bottom" sounds very nice on the lower notes. Find a harmonious combination on your instrument and try playing it with a simple rhythm. When you are free to get alternation, you can work out this principle on other notes with a more complex, interesting rhythmic pattern.
That's all the secrets! Having mastered these simple principles, you will learn to improvise, even without having a musical education.

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