Many of our students often ask the question of where it is better to buy an instrument, how do hangs of different production differ among themselves, and whether it is possible for a beginner to get a cheaper instrument for a start.

Of course, you can start with a simpler and cheaper instrument, but often Chinese and Balinese instruments are significantly inferior in quality of tuning. In addition, a poorly tuned instrument can also affect the development of ear for music: a good, high-quality sound is perceived by the brain as absolutely correct. A bad setting in this matter can be harmful.
Let's compare three tools from different manufacturers.

To begin with - an instrument in C minor key, pygmy tuning, made of 65g steel. Its immersive, authentic sound is often used in meditation practices.

The Chinese prototype looks pretty interesting and beautiful. At first glance, it seems that the instrument should sound good, but expectations are not always met. In Chinese instruments, octave fifths are often almost never tapped, which is why the magic and charm of the sound is lost.

The Balinese instrument in our review is rather shabby, paint has flown off somewhere, there are cracks. With such a non-nitrided instrument, it will not be possible to travel to the countries of hot Asia, since such an instrument is highly susceptible to corrosion and will be constantly upset. The volume of the sound, unfortunately, does not compensate for the poor setting.
If you are interested in playing Chinese, Balinese and other instruments, we are waiting for you in any of our schools - test different instruments and choose the one that suits you!

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