What can be learned by a person who is not familiar with the topic?
For a start, you should turn to your favorite music. You know her well, but try to look at your favorite songs differently.
Try listening to your favorite track and understanding its shape. Which tool comes in first? What - does the musical drawing continue, complements it? How do the tools interact?
Have you noticed at what point the instruments come into musical contact? Could you "feel" the body of the melody, bridge, improvisation? Do you feel the contrast in the sound? Try to document your observations and feelings on paper in your own words.
Now imagine that you have in your hands not one instrument, your good friend Hang, but a whole orchestra. Try to hear guitar, bass, percussion in its sound. You have a whole palette of expressive possibilities in your hands!
If this division of sound into timbres and textures occurs in your mind, you will be able to understand how improvisation occurs. You will feel what the contrast between these parameters means, which is so important in music.
In order to master hang improvisation, it is not necessary to study music from early childhood, know musical notation or be able to play other instruments. Explore, feel, and try to put these new sensations into practice. And remember: nothing works only with someone who has not tried it! Start small and the result will not be long in coming.

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