There are only three exercises that will help you develop your finger whip and the ability to control them in the right way, as if each of them is your new hand.

Exercise one: click training. Usually the person flicks with the middle finger. But you can do the following: make clicks alternately with your ring, middle and index fingers. Even if at first the clicks of the ring and index fingers are not very clear, the main thing is not to stop training, and after a couple of days of training, the clicks will turn out to be what you need.
The second exercise is clap with the palm of your hand: you need to throw your hand forward and, relaxed, as if hook it back. After a while, the hand will get used to the movement, and you can easily control it, achieving the necessary bite.

Do the exercise carefully!
The third exercise, which is specific, is playing a triplet.
How to develop the ability to play triplets?

First of all, this is a tremolo: we take the ring and thumb, oppose them to each other and, as it were, make a movement with a pendulum. Then, after practicing in the air, we put our hand on the notes and make a relaxed pendulum movement.

Next, leaning on the thumb, imagine the axis in the index finger. Swinging nameless and doing a slap. Making this slap, as if with a slap kick, we begin to play the triplet. Resting on the thumb is necessary in order to relieve the brush in the right way. After learning to play with the other hand and combining the movements of both hands, you can already easily influence the note field of the hang.
That's all! Just three exercises will greatly help you develop finger strength and proper bite. Good luck!

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