The cold in Kathmandu has its advantages. You can catch a cold, because in the city from +4 to +16, but it is more difficult to get poisoned with authentic street food.
In any alley, you can find an adventure for the stomach in the dining room almost on the sidelines.
Everything that does not concern baked goods is very edible. Nepalese make amazing tandoor cakes. Even the simplest combination of flour, salt and butter becomes in their hands a weapon that will kill any gourmet on the spot. But buns have not yet evolved into a crispy French baguette.
Finding a good croissant or cookie is difficult. This is overkill. A bliss that does not affect survival. So loved by me in the past, here they are more like cotton wool or even dust mixed with margarine and crumbs boiled in old oil. But, unlike a good ten-dollar chocolate bar, street candy costs only ten cents.
And when a croissant looks like cotton wool to you, a homeless old woman with smiling eyes reminds you that someone has become insolent. She wraps herself in a blanket, hiding in a nook at the foot of a small temple, and does not at all look like a Russian homeless person who smells of feces and vodka.
She does not live on the street because she is morally downcast and drank all her goods. She simply has no other home besides the street. Why? How should I know. The 2015 earthquake in Kathmandu killed thousands of people and their homes. Construction and restoration are still going on.
But the old woman has a water pump nearby and the ability to keep herself clean. She has warm dry hands, only she does not hold them out to passers-by, extorting money with pity. And to give her a few pieces of paper, you need to put your hand on your shoulder and say: "Namaste"
Despite the terrible poverty of Kathmandu, I never met a single homeless drunk lying on the street. And local roads and sidewalks are sweeping so that it seems they are washed by the communal detachment of the Moscow prefecture.
And if you hold your gaze on a random oncoming person, instead of an unfriendly expression on his face, he will most likely respond to your interest with a smile.

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